The World Needs Trump

Message to the American People


As someone who loves America, but is not a citizen of this nation, and who therefore cannot vote, I have to tell you that what happens in the 2024 election here in the United States will affect the entire world. If America continues under the leadership of leftist Democrats like JoeBiden, who has weakened America, while undermining and even abandoning allies,  sent billions to nations which openly express hatred and contempt for America’s institutions of representative government and faith traditions, thus making the world more dangerous…Then many countries will be forced to abandon America and follow the leadership of nations like Communist China, which persecutes and brutalizes Christians and people of other faiths, and sees freedom of speech and of religion as threats to its totalitarian rule. America has long been a beacon of freedom, but if America continues to decline, the whole world will suffer.

We are praying that America will rise again as a strong, unified country that respects and protects God-given freedoms
of speech, of religion, the right of self-defense and to beararms. If America declines, the world will slide into a darkness that could last for a very long time. I was not born here, but I have a deep respect for this country. I don't want to see it destroyed. That is why I support President Donald Trump to berestored as the leader of this nation. I know he is not perfect, but he is a fighter.  Corrupt leaders and prosecutors are trying to put him in jail for the rest of his life.
Any other Republican would have already run away many years ago. But instead, he has chosen to fight for you and even for me, who lives in another country. He is fighting so that our children and grandchildren will not live in a world where they are indoctrinated from birth in anti-family, anti-Christian beliefs and values, where the government controls what is said and imprisons anyone who dares to speak out.

This is a time when people of all races and faiths must stand together to save this nation, which would also give hope to the entire world. The people of the world are praying for you to be strong, and do what is needed to win in this crucial year of 2024, even if it is not easy.

God bless you, your families and communities! God bless President Donald Trump! God bless this beloved nation, the United States of America!